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Dentistry for Kids

Special people in our lives need special care…….i.e. Our children
Ayushmaan Dental Clinic believes in providing best treatment by the best consultants to the children with dental problems. The clinic strives for and ensure kid’s friendly atmosphere that treats the children in such a way that helps in allaying their fears.

Children are most prone to development of decay or cavities when they are very young. This could be due to either lack of tooth brushing or lack of awareness regarding tooth brushing.
Routine examination of children (every six months) is recommended by Dentistry for Kids from the time first tooth erupts. As soon as the first tooth erupts, Ayushmaan Dental Clinic also recommends regular cleaning of this newly erupted tooth with either a soft silicone tooth brush or a gauze piece.
Specialized treatment for children

1. Restorations of cavities
2. Root Canal Treatment
3. Stainless steel crowns
4. Space maintainers
5. Fluoride application
6. Extraction of teeth