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Restorations (Exclusive range of products for filling the cavities)

Any tooth or teeth showing signs of discoloration, food impaction or hypersensitivity, needs immediate attention. This could be a decay or cavity in the tooth. If not treated well in time, the decay or cavity spreads and involves the pulp of the tooth leading to severe pain, which may be relieved only by way of Root Canal Treatment or extraction. To avoid these treatments, a decay or cavity should be immediately treated at their first sign of appearance.

At, Ayushmaan Dental Clinic each and every patient is examined thoroughly and any signs of decay or cavity are communicated with the patients for its restoration. The clinic utilizes multitude of materials for restoration of teeth with cavities for example:

1. Composites
2. Glass Ionomer Cements
3. Silver amalgam
4. Miracle Mix
5. Ceramic Inlay and Onlay
6. Cast metal Inlay and Onlay

Ayushmaan Dental Clinic recommends six monthly check-up for all the Restorations/Fillings.