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Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment may be necessary for some tooth or teeth because of decay and/or pain. It is a process by which the infected/necrosed pulp of the tooth is removed, the canals shaped and irrigated with medicaments and finally the canals are filled with an inert filling material. Usually this treatment is followed by core build up with or without a post. A crown/cap is recommended post root canal treatment to avoid any sort of stress fracture of the tooth.

Traditionally, Root Canal Treatment was performed in 3-4 sittings, however, with new technology and advanced equipment this process can be completed in a single sitting.

At Ayushmaan Dental Clinic the Root Canal Treatment is performed using the following High-End Equipment and Materials:

  • Apex Locator (Propex II, Dentsply, USA)
  • Endomotor (X-Smart, Dentsply, USA)
  • Digital X-Rays (RVG, Vatech, Korea)
  • Electronic GP/Filling Cutter
  • Rotary Files (Protaper, Protaper Next, Hero Shapers, V3 Taper, etc.)
  • Advanced Root Canal Filling Material (Dentsply, USA)
  • Latest root canal medicaments

Ayushmaan Dental Clinic promotes the use of single assorted file pack (Rotary and Hand Files) for single patient at marginally extra cost. (Please ask your doctor for this)

Advantage of Single pack use

  • No re-use of instruments
  • Chances of complications arising due to multiple use of instruments minimized