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Smile Designing

Crooked or irregularly placed teeth can lead to loss of confidence and self esteem. At Ayushmaan Dental Clinic one can get his/her teeth aligned or shaped for better results. Smile designing may involve one or more or combination of the following procedures:

1. Braces
2. Reshaping and Recontouring of Teeth and Gums
3. Crown and Bridges
4. Veneers/Laminates (Ceramic/Composites)
5. Teeth whitening/Bleaching in combination with any of the above procedures

Steps involved in smile designing:

1. Preliminary impressions are made for both upper and lower Jaw
2. Intra-oral Periapical radio graphs are taken for the teeth involved in smile designing
3. Wax trial/ Wax mock-up is done on the models prepared
4. Assessment of possibility of presence of decay, fracture or sensitivity is made
5. Restorations and Root Canal Treatment are carried out prior to proceeding with smile designing
6. Type of prosthesis is chosen (Veneer, Crown or Bridge)